About Beard Octane - Best Beard Care Products

Awesome.   What else are we supposed to put here?  Let's be honest, a Hard Working American developed a beard care brand that anyone could be proud of.  Beard care products that actually do what they are supposed to do.  If there was ever an issue, you speak directly with the person behind the brand.  All of our products are handmade in small batches, using only all natural and organic ingredients, right here in the USA.  This means your product is fresh every time you place an order, and we know exactly what goes into each product!  This is my passion and I value your business.   High Quality Beard Products at a Low Price.  That's it.  

Beard Octane All Natural Beard CareYour beard is what gives you the edge over the guy next door. Nourish it, care for it, and love it. Use our Beard Products – tried, tested and handmade in the USA to give the best results. Our Beard Oils & Beard Balms will moisturize your skin and keep your beard shiny and healthy, while always giving off a fresh scent.  Then there's our special Body & Beard Bars...these bad boys will nourish your sculpted facial fur, while also acting as a lather.  Made from the highest quality, all natural ingredients, our products will having you coming back for more!  Keep your beard untangled and soft, shape it with the amazing beard tools designed specifically for your beard. Our products are the results of extensive research and aim to provide you comfort, while you keep on looking cool with that bad-ass beard.  Whether you are looking for a beard growth oil, to thicken your beard, or to get rid of beard itch, Beard Octane has you covered!  Beard Octane products are only tested on humans. Our low priced, high-end products provide you value for your money and care for your beard.  That, I promise you.  

Beard Octane Best Beard Care Products

All of our beard care products are handmade in Colchester, CT.  I come from a long list of hard working, honest, blue collar workers.  This also includes Military & First Responders (Active, Reserve & Retired).  Everyone here at Beard Octane personally thank you for all of the sacrafices that you and your family make, which all too often goes unnoticed.  Here at Beard Octane, we also offer a Military & First Responder Discount, which is the very least we could do!

I put my passion into every single product that Beard Octane has to offer.  I thank you for your continued support and am grateful for your business.  If there is anything that I can do to make your experience with Beard Octane better, please contact us! - Joe