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Last-Minute Holiday Beard Gifts

Last-Minute Holiday Beard Gifts

It’s December 17th — is your holiday shopping done? If you have a few more people on your list to buy for, and some of them happen to have beards, then Beard Octane is here to help. When you’re searching for those last-minute holiday gifts, our beard care products, including oils, balms, and buttas, can make the perfect presents. Look through our online catalog today!

Festive Finds and Stocking Stuffers

As far as finding a gift for any bearded person on your list, you want to get them something that will help them tend that wonderful chin curtain for the next several months. Perhaps they’ve talked about trying a new beard oil, because the one they have just isn’t cutting it any more, or maybe they’ve complained about having tangles and stray hairs in their otherwise glorious beard.

Our Stocking Beard Oil Bundle is a great way to introduce your bearded friend or relative to two new beard oils, and you can choose the two you think they’d like the most, or leave the choice up to us. We also have other festive finds, such as our Fur Tree Beard Butta, which you can wrap up and give as a gift this holiday season.

Sensational Swag

Maybe you’re not the type of person who buys things for people that they can put in their hair or on their facial fuzz. Maybe you’re someone who would rather buy a hat or a t-shirt as a gift. Maybe you don’t know the recipient all that well, and you just happened to draw their name in the office Secret Santa gift exchange this year. Whatever the case may be, we have sensational swag that can make great gifts for any bearded co-worker or acquaintance.

You have your choice of a number of swag options, from beanies and flat brims to hoodies and mouse pads. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your co-worker takes immaculate care of their beard, and you want to surprise them with a great gift that also notes your outstanding powers of observation. You see their fantastic chin curtain, and you want to honor it with an amazing piece of swag.

Grab a Gift Card

Let’s face it — a gift card can seem like a cop-out when it comes to holiday presents. You don’t know what to get someone, so you opt for a gift card — that way, they can just choose what they want for themselves! We understand how a gift card can look as a present, but when it comes to a Beard Octane gift card, you’re really doing your friend or relative a favor. You’ve given them access to the finest selection of beard care products and beard tools on the internet, and they can decide what they want when it comes to caring for their whiskers. Perhaps you’re also a little intimidated by their beard, and you’re afraid of getting the wrong gift for them, and so a gift card is a safer way to go (we get it, but with our products, you really can’t go wrong).

Order Online Now!

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and as much as you might be ready to say goodbye to 2020, you still want to find the perfect gifts for the holiday season. At Beard Octane, we can help you find those last-minute gifts for whatever holiday you celebrate. We offer fast shipping on all orders, with most estimated transit times at two to three days. With how 2020 has been going, however, there may be some delays with shipping and postal service, so order online now so your gifts will hopefully arrive before January!

Have a happy and bearded holiday season!

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