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Beard Octane Bearded Tubular Face Bandana - Beard Octane
Beard Octane Bearded Tubular Face Bandana - Beard Octane
Beard Octane Bearded Tubular Face Bandana - Beard Octane


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With everything going on in the world today, the way we walk around in public will be changed forever.  Here at Beard Octane, we weren't happy with the various coffee filter masks out there on the market that us Bearded Maniacs were being told we had to wear.  These masks not only do not fully cover our beautiful chin curtains, but they did not do much for our style points.  

To improve this dilemma, Beard Octane teamed up with HooRag, a leader in revolutionary headwear.  By doing so, we are proud to release our Bearded Tubular Face Bandana!  These bandanas can serve as a face mask, neck gaiter, head-wrap, scarf, beanie, hat liner, helmet liner and more!  Constructed of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber, making it perfect for both hot & cold environments.  An added bonus is that these bandanas provides UPF30+ sun protection, just in case you decide to go tanning while wearing one of these.  The best part about these bandanas is that they provide full beard coverage...unless your beard is down to your belly button!  

Each bandana has an ever-so-majestic bearded bearded mane printed on the front, along with the Beard Octane logo at the bottom.  Each bandana measures approximately 19" long by 9.5" wide, and easily stretches over your head without.  To clean, simply machine wash cold and hang out to dry! 

NOTE:  Available with a Red Beard or a Brown Beard, PLEASE choose your color choice!

WARNING:  These bandanas are not designed to prevent the spread and/or infection of COVID and/or any other illness.  Please refer to the CDC's Guidelines for cloth face covers related to COVID19.  Please practice proper cleansing techniques and social distancing recommendations.  Stay Safe!

Below is a great video demonstration on the many ways which our bandana can be worn:

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