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Beard Care Tips for Winter | Beard Octane

Beard Care Tips for Winter

Winter can be tough on a beard, especially as the air gets drier as you venture to your favorite mountain range to ski, snowboard, and hang out with the mountain goats. At Beard Octane, we believe in taking care of our beards, and we hope you do too. Whenever winter rolls around, it’s important that you have the right beard care products, including oils, balms, and more. Look through our online store to pick up everything you’ll need during the colder months of the year.

1. Condition Your Facial Fuzz

If you use shampoo on your beard on a regular basis, then try to only use it a couple of times per week. Instead, use a beard conditioning wash that cleans your facial fuzz, but doesn’t strip it of its natural oils, as shampoo can do. Since the air is dry and crisp outside, the last thing you want to do is remove your beard’s natural defense against the winter air.

2. Cut Down on Hot Showers

A hot shower can feel great any time of the year, but especially on those frigid winter days. However, hot water can do the same thing that shampoo does and strip away the oil in your beard hairs. By turning the temperature down in the shower, you can do your beard a favor and help keep it healthy and moisturized.

3. Apply Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Beard oil can be a good choice for the winter, since you’re dealing with dry, cold air for several months. Even if you condition your beard regularly and cut down on the hot water, your chin curtain still needs a good dose of oil every day. Choose one that has a scent you enjoy, since you’re going to be smelling it all day long. If your beard gets really dry during the day, then reapply your preferred oil during the afternoon or before you go to bed.

As for beard balm, it can add that extra layer of moisture, while the beeswax will seal in the moisture from the oil. Again, choose a scent that you like and that pairs well with your preferred beard oil. The balm can also act as a styling agent, keeping your beard in place as you head out into those blustery winter winds.

4. Keep It Clean and Tidy

You might enjoy being outdoors during the winter, but the fact remains that you’re going to spend more time indoors during the season than you would during the spring or summer. This can provide more time for watching TV, playing games, or just hanging out with friends, which often involves food and drink. As you’re enjoying your favorite snacks or throwing back another beer, it’s important to make sure your beard is clean and tidy. They don’t call it a “crumb catcher” for nothing, which is why you should always have your favorite beard comb with you. Keep it in your pocket, and when you need to, excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and brush out those chip crumbs.

5. Cover Your Face

While your beard can provide your face with ample warmth during the winter months, it can be a good idea to cover it up when you’re outside in freezing temperatures. Even though it might look cool to have a hundred tiny icicles hanging from your face, that ice and snow can do some serious damage to your beard. Cover it up with a scarf or balaclava (if you have one), and if your beard gets wet, pat it dry as soon as you get back inside.

At Beard Octane, we’re dedicated to providing amazing beard care products to those who truly want an epic beard. All of our products are made in America from quality ingredients, so if you want to look after your beard in the best way this winter, browse our online store today.
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