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Beard Octane Scents Review by Simple Man | Beard Octane

Beard Octane Scents Review by Simple Man

If you have looked at my website for any length of time, it’s pretty obvious I think Beard Octane has the best smelling beard oils out there. I mean I have so many of their oils, I probably need to start looking at getting an insurance policy to cover them.

You are probably wanting to order some for yourself, I know you are… but you want to make sure you get the right ones. Since I have nearly every one of their scents, I thought I would do my best to describe them for you, so you can make sure you get the ones that suit you best. That being said, I want to clarify, every single one of their scents are good, I promise you will not be disappointed in any one of them.

Sometimes when you read the description, you may be thinking about other beard oils you tried in the past that you didn’t care for. Forget all about those, these will smell nothing like them I promise. All of Beard Octane’s scents are like colognes. When I say they are cologne like, what I mean is that when you smell it, it’s difficult to pick up on the individual scents that make up the oil. I have a lot of experience with essential oils and I can almost always determine what ones were used to make up other brands oils, but I have a very hard time doing with this the Beard Octane scents. Beard Octane is clearly doing something really special with their scents.

The only problem you will ever find with this company, is just like me, you will soon own them all, because there is nothing else out there that smell quite like these. I know you’ll end up wanting to try them all, just be warned.

Let’s first start with Liquid Gold. Liquid Gold is currently the best selling beard oil for Beard Octane and it’s smell is amazing. It’s scent profile is made from Leather, Wild Cypress, Frankincense and Sweet Oud Wood. It’s warm, it’s manly and smells like something that came right the the cologne self at some high end retailer! It reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger cologne almost. I love it. My wife loves it. Heck, even my children love it. Everyone I know that has every tried it loves it. Liquid Gold as a very strong scent, which people will notice, but in the good way! I feel like it’s safe to say this is probably tied for the best smelling beard oil on the market.

What’s the other best smelling beard oil? Well look no further than Beard Octane again, it’s Last Call. Last Call is my wife’s favorite and it’s a tie for me with Liquid Gold on my all time favorite scents list. Last Call is what I would describe as a very crisp smelling scent, on the lines of a cologne like Eternity by Calvin Klein. It’s scent profile is made from Bergamot, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Nutmeg, Patchouli and Leather. I honestly could not detect any of these individual scents in this oil. It is so well blended. It just smells like a very expensive cologne and I honestly feel like Last Call will be the next big thing! Last Call in my opinion is just like liquid confidence. It makes you smell like you are someone important. Last Call also has a very strong scent and in a good way. People will notice.

Next up is Karma. Karma is another crisp smelling, cologne like scent. It’s scent profile comes from Mahogany, Lemongrass and Basil, which I would have never guessed. If I would have read the description, I would have assumed I probably would not have liked Karma based on past beard oils I have experienced, but just like all the Beard Octanes scents, I loved it and in fact, it’s one of my all time favorites. Karma has a scent that would make you think it is a cologne. Karma’s scent is a little more subtle than a Liquid Gold or Last Call beard oil. Please don’t confuse that as me saying it’s not as good Liquid Gold or Last Call, in my opinion it is definitely in that same tier it’s just not as “loud” of a scent.

Now let’s talk about Rodeo. Rodeo is a scent that has really grown on me and has started rising to the top. Often times when I wear this scent, it just makes me want to crank up some Garth Brooks. Rodeo has a strong scent that will be noticed and gets its scent profile from Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Rum, Birch and Tobacco. Is it manly? Definitely. When you wear this scent you won’t smell like a teen girl that just put on some lip smackers like my wife likes to say. When you open the door and this strange new perfume blows, she just might have another sleepless night if you catch my drift… Rodeo just gives off the smell of a real badass.

When you want to smell down right clean, there is no scent better than Barbershop. Barbershop literally smells like you lathered up with two whole bars of soap in the shower and smells so freaking clean. It gets its scent from Lemon, Bergamot, Mint, Lavender and Sandalwood and is super long lasting. Honestly if you carried a bottle of this around and you had a day where you ended up getting all hot and sweaty, you could hit the sweet spots with this stuff and probably smell like you just took a shower. Though I am not implying you put it on said sweet spots…

Defiance is a scent that I would describe as similar to Karma in that while it smells really good, it’s not one of those “loud” scents, it’s more subtle. Defiance kind of reminds me of an Old Spice deodorant scent, and I don’t mean that as a negative, because I like those scents a lot. It’s clean, it’s fresh and similar to a cologne type of smell. It has a scent profile made from Apple Wood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Oakmoss and Vanilla and is very good.

While I have never been a huge citrus scent guy, Beard Octane again surprised me with their take on a citrus scent. Citrafella smells really good. Though it has that fruity scent, it still comes across as manly. This scent is pretty strong too. The scent profile for Citrafella comes from Tangerines, Lemons and Grapefruit. Citrafella is just a great citrus scent and better than I anticipated.

Now when your beard smells like food because you are a messy eater, it’s not a good thing. But when it smells like fresh baked apple pie because you used Apple Pie by Beard Octane, well that is a different story. Apple Pie makes me seriously hungry because it smells so good. The Apples and the Cinnamon just jump out with undertones of Vanilla and Sugar mixed in there. Honestly it’s just like they capture the smell of a fresh baked apple pie in this bottle, homemade not McDonalds.

So I am the kind of guy that likes to put some beard oil in my beard after I take a shower at night. I love scents that are calming and relaxing at that time, which is exactly how I would describe Downshift. It get it’s scent from Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and is just a real chill scent. This sounds kind of weird, but if you have had kids maybe you’ll understand, but it reminds me a lot of how a baby smells after you give them a bath. It’s super relaxing and a kind of warm scent. Obviously I like wearing it at night, but it is also a great anytime oil. It’s just smells really good.

Next up is the Mechanic. The Mechanic is probably the sweetest smelling scent of the group. It gets its scent profile from Hints of Pine, Warm Cinnamon and Clove. I actually hate the smell of clove, but I would never never have guessed that clove was in this scent, like I said before they are so well blended together. I would describe the scent to be one the lines of a cinnamon bubblegum kind of smell.

Texas Tea really surprised me. When I heard about Old Money from Beardbrand, I kind of had an idea in my head of what it would be like, and when I got it, it wasn’t quite what I expected based on the description. Texas Tea ended up being exactly what I was hoping Old Money would have been. It’s a sophisticated scented that I can’t myself from constantly opening the bottle to take a big whiff. Texas Tea has this really crisp scent of an intoxicating cologne. This scent it way up on the top of the list for best smelling scents, quite simply, it’s amazing.

Finally Freedom is the final scent. I think I understand where the name came from. When I smell freedom, it takes me to this secluded place I used to go fishing at. To get there I had to cross this meadow and then the breeze would blow you could pick up that smell of the great wide openness of the meadow. You would smell the grass, the wildflowers, the trees and the coolness of the water nearby and it just smelled like complete freedom. That is exactly how I would have described this scent so the name fits it perfectly. It really takes me back to those days.

Honestly there are some many great scents from this company it’s insane. I understand it’s probably very difficult to choose where to start when getting your first Beard Octane products, they are all awesome.

If you could only get a few, here is what I would start out with:

Liquid Gold
Last Call
Texas Tea
Those four scents are my hands down favorite, but I honestly wouldn’t stop with just them because I like all of the other scents so much as well. I constantly switch up what I wear depending on what mood I’m in and there are so many great choices.

Hopefully it helps to know that you can use the code SIMPLEMAN20 at checkout to save 20% off your entire order. Now you can grab an one or two extras maybe...

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