Beard Octane Beard Care Ingredients

Beard Octane only uses the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients.  Our products are handmade in small batches to ensure you are getting the freshes product possible.  All of our products are cruelty free and are only tested on humans.  Below, you will find a list of all of the ingredients that go into our beard care products.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 


Activated Charcoal - Activated Charcoal is extremely beneficial for both your hair and your skin.  Most importantly, it helps rid your beard hair of unwanted toxins while helping add volume to the hairs. [ Pine Tar Bar ]

Aloe Extract - Aloe Extract has the amazing ability of moisturizing your beard hair and your skin.  Aloe Extract also helps reduce itchiness and irritation, which is crucial when growing a beard. [ Beard Balm, Beard Oil ]

Argan Oil - Argan Oil is one of the most popular oils used for moisturizing your beard hair and your skin.  Argan Oil is also very rich in Vitamin A & E, which helps keep your beard hair look amazing. Beard Oil ]

Bees Wax - Beeswax, produced by Bees...duh, has many amazing capabilities.  The benefits of Beeswax are too many to count.  One of the most important benefits of Beeswax is it's moisturizing and softening properties.  Beeswax is high in Vitamin A and helps lock moisture into the skin & hair. [ Beard Balm ]

Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil promotes healthy beard hair growth, as well as moisturize and helps repair damged beard hair.  Coconut Oil also softens your beard hear while also adding shine and luster. [ Beard Balm, Beard Butta, Beard Oil, Beard & Body BarPine Tar Bar ]

Corn Oil - Corn Oil locks in your beard hair's moisture, thus preventing dryness.  Corn Oil also nourishes your skin, producing a healthier enviroment for your beard hair to grow. Pine Tar Bar ]

Goat's Milk - Goat's Milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides, making it extremely good for your skin and beard hair.  Goat Milk is also high in Vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for your skin. Beard & Body Bar ]

Ground Oatmeal - Ground Oatmeal is excellent for beard and skin care, as it can soak up excess oil on your skin.  Pine Tar Bar ]

Jojoba Oil - Pressed from the Jojoba seed, Jojoba Oil is known for its absorption and moisturizing capabilities.  This is the backbone of many beard care products.  Beard Oil ]

Mango Butter - Extracted from the fruit kernals of the mango tree and has strong moisturizing capabilities for both your beard hair and skin. [ Beard Butta ]

Oat Protein - Oat Protein conditions and increases hydration in your beard hair and skin. Beard & Body Bar ]

Olive Oil - Olive Oil is a bad mofo when it comes to your beard.  Olive Oil helps strengthen your beard hair and gives it a lucious shine.  Olive Oil is great for moisturizing your beard hair and is also rich in Vitamin A & E. Beard & Body Bar ]

Palm Oil - Palm Oil is rich in Vitamin E and helps promote beard hair growth, as well as strengthens your beard hair. Beard & Body Bar ]

Rosehip Seed Oil - Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin A & C, and is awesome for combatting dry skin.  Rosehip Seed Oil is considered a "dry" oil and quickly absorbs into your skin. [ Beard Butta

Safflower Oil - Safflower Oil is rich in oleic acid and helps improve the circulation in your skin & scalp.  This then helps stimulate beard hair growth and strengthens your beard hair follicles.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Beard & Body Bar ]

Shea ButterShea Butter helps reduce skin irritation without clogging your pours.  Shea Butter is a great moisturizer and is used in many beard care products.  [ Beard Balm, Beard Butta

Silica Sand - Silica Sand helps prevent wrinkles and strengthens your skin, while also promoting healthy beard hair growth. Pine Tar Bar ]

Sodium Hydroxide - Sodium Hydroxide is commonly used in many hair care products.  Sodium Hydroxide is primarily used to control the pH of cosmetics and personal care products.  Pine Tar Bar ]

Sorbitol - Sorbitol is very common in many soaps as it prevents moisture lost.  Beard & Body Bar ]

Sweet Almond Oil - Sweet Almond Oil is a miracle oil when it comes to your lucious chin curtain.  Sweet Almond Oil strengthens and repairs your beard hair, all while promoting healthy beard growth. [ Beard Balm, Beard ButtaBeard Oil ]

Vitamin E - Vitamin E helps with beard growth and is rich in antioxidents. [ Beard Balm, Beard ButtaBeard Oil ]

Water - Primarily used as a solvent in haircare products, and you can also drink water when you're thirsty. Beard & Body Bar ]


All of the information contained on this page, and on was assembled by one person...who has a great personality, and breath taking facial fur.  But also, this one person (me), is not a Doctor.  If you are unsure of any of the ingredients used in any of Beard Octane's beard care products, then you should consult with a licensed medical doctor.  Some of Beard Octane's products contain Tree Nut Oils, do not use if you are allergic.  Again, consult with a licensed medical doctor, not your friend named Frank from work.