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TATTOO BALM - Beard Octane


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We get it, your body is a canvas and it shows with that ever-so-sick Beard Octane logo that you just got tattoo'd across your chest!  But in all seriousness, tattoos can represent who we are as individuals.  So why not take the necessary steps required to preserve that visual art piece that you just spent 8 hours having carved into your skin?  

If you know a thing or two about how we go about hand crafting beard care products, then you know we don't take shortcuts and the quality is second to none!  Created using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients to help promote a healthy healing process for your tattoo.  This product is unscented.  We wanted nothing but the perfect ingredients, without the fluff.  


  • Beeswax - Will not clog your skin like petroleum, and will allow the skin to breathe.  Beeswax has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and encourages the healing of wounds.
  • Coconut Oil - Excellent anti-inflammatory properties and will help keep your skin moisturized.  Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties that can help protect the skin from bacteria and infection.
  • Shea Butter - Another one with excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  
  • Jojoba Oil - Will allow your skin to breath and also contains anti-inflammatory properties (see the pattern here?).  Jojoba Oil will help repair damaged skin.
  • Sunflower Oil - Rich in Vitamin A & E, which helps promote skin health.  Excellent antioxidants and helps repair damaged skin.  
  • Vitamin E - Helps keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, while allowing it to breathe.


  1. Clean your sick ink with soap and water, pat not scrub.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Beard Octane's Tattoo Balm over that tattoo and allow to absorb into the skin, do not rub vigorously!  A little goes a long way.
  3. Repeat these steps as needed!


Beard Octane's Tattoo Balm comes in a 3.5 Ounce black balm tin, with some pretty sick hand drawn artwork!



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