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Die Barbershop Beard & Body Bar, einer unserer Bestseller. Die Aromen von frischen Fades und punktgenauen Bartlinien kommen bei diesem in den Sinn. Die Barbershop Beard & Body Bar kombiniert Kopfnoten von frisch gepresster Zitrone, Bergamotte und kühler Minze mit einem Herzen aus Lavendel, grünem Akkord und Sandelholz. Nehmen Sie diese bereits All-Star-Besetzung und in einigen frischen Fades und Sie haben Barbershop.


Die Bart- und Körperstangen von Beard Octane sind wirklich handgefertigt und werden in kleinen Mengen hergestellt, um ein Produkt von höchster Qualität zu gewährleisten. Unsere Bart- und Körperstange besteht aus einer Ziegenmilchbasis aus einer extrem muskulösen, einstellungsorientierten Ziege, die viele ihrer Tage auf den höchsten Bergen Amerikas verbringt. Unsere Bart- und Körperstange hinterlässt keine Rückstände auf Ihrer Haut wie andere Seifen und wurde entwickelt, um Ihre Außenhülle zu reinigen. Sobald Sie unseren Bart- und Körperriegel ausprobiert haben, werden Sie nie wieder einen anderen Seifenriegel verwenden, um sich selbst zu reinigen. Wenn Sie dies tun, sagen Sie es uns nicht. Da würden wir uns aufregen. Wir mögen es nicht, verärgert zu sein.


Geruchsstärke: Mittel

Duftnotizen: Düfte von frischen Fades, Zitrone, Bergamotte, Minze, Lavendel & einige Old School Barbershop Swag


  • Befeuchten und reinigen Sie Ihren Körper und Ihr Gesichtspelz
  • Machen Sie Ihren Kinnvorhang weich
  • Lass dich wie ein Arsch riechen


Alle unsere Bart- und Körperstangenprodukte wiegen ungefähr 5 Unzen rein majestätische Reinigungskraft!


All of our Handcrafted Bar Soaps are cold-process and made right here in Merica! Each bar weighs at least 4.8 ounces of pure majestic cleansing power!



Apricot Kernel Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil*, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Activated Charcoal (*RSPTO Palm Oil)

We only test our products on Humans, NOT Animals (although some consider us animals). Our products may contain Tree Nut Oils & Natural Botanicals. All of our products are Phthalate Free. If you have allergies, consult with your physician before testing on yourself or on your friend...because they may have allergies also.

All of our Beard & Body Bars are handcrafted and poured in small batches to ensure freshness. This also means that no single product will ever be identical to another. Variations in color, design and weight are true to handcrafted products.

To enjoy your Handcrafted Bar Soap as long as possible, keep out of direct contact with water when not in use. Well draining soap dishes or the metal bbq grate from your grill are a great place to store them! This allows the Soap Bar to dry between uses and helps to prolong the life of your soap!


Grab this Handcrafted Body Soap and show it who's in charge.  Scrub the imperfections from your body and purify your facial fur!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jonah S. (Chicago, US)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Fantastic soap

fantastic full stripping beard wash. Smells wonderful, and makes your beard sparkly clean. Perfect for when you need a fully stripping wash to start your beard fresh again. Only should be used on the beard once a week, twice at the most. Not a daily wash. But for that use, it is fantastic. It’s great soap for any other traditional use as well

We’re glad you’re enjoying our handcrafted soaps Jonah! We’re honored you allow us to clean the beard ‍♂️

Dominic. y. (Seattle, US)
Beard Length: 0-1 in
Beard Thickness: Patchy, Thick
Favorite scent so far!

Smells amazing! Wish I got the liquid wash the same scent. Cleaned very well and been a amazing product so far!

Nothing beats Cold start in the shower! We designed our handcrafted soaps to be hard on the germs but gentle on the skin! We’re glad you’re enjoying it Dominic! We appreciate you!

Matt G. (Derry, US)
Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Customer minded company

Soap is awesome(love all the cold start products)
But I wanted to talk about customer service. This company is awesome with customer service. Order was supposed to show up it didn't, I send an email early evening at the start of the weekend so I figured wont hear anything till Monday. I WAS WRONG! got an email within couple hours stating they will look into. Well weekend wasn't even over and got an email stating ups contact could not find package. There was no hesitation they let me know they refilled my order and are sending it right out. Very impressive as I know they are not a billion dollar company and things like this hurt bottom line but they proved bottom line is awesome but a happy customer is far more important.
Thank You for being a very impressive small business
Matt G

Thanks so much for the feedback and review Matt! Money doesn’t grow on trees and we are very honored when every customer trusts us with their beards! We strive to provide not only the best products but top notch customer service. We appreciate your support!

Mike R. (Toronto, CA)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Smells fresh and clean!

Amazing stuff, fresh and clean feeling! Use once a week, to reset your beard!

Thanks Mike! I agree I use it once or twice a week for a little more of a deep cleaning myself! We appreciate you!


Love this soap! Amazing! Will buy again and highly recommend!

Man this is in my opinion the best complete sent to own! Meaning oil, butta, balm, soap, etc! Some enjoy lavender at night to relax me? Peppermint is my jam 😍 we’re glad you’re enjoying Cold Start 🥶 brother! We appreciate you!