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Growing the Perfect Beard: A Guide-Beard Octane

Growing the Perfect Beard: A Guide

Welcome to this ultimate 'perfect beard growing guide!'  We want to say- Well Done! Your beard is an achievement worthy of kudos. Committing to grow the perfect beard is commendable and if you follow this guide, your efforts will be rewarded.

Whether you started growing your beard because you lost a bet, or to raise money for charity, or simply because you need a more manly change, let's work together to get your beard growing off to its best start.

About Beard Growth Biology

Let's talk a bit about how beards grow.  Your genetics guide the timing of facial hair growth, the color, and the texture.  It's possible your beard started growing in when you were a teen, or maybe not until your 30s-- this is all determined by your unique biology.  The best we can do is work with what we are naturally given and give nature a boost along the way. 

Beards grow best under healthy conditions. Stress, poor nutrition, restless sleep, and living a sedentary lifestyle can all take a toll on the health of your beard. Living a healthy life will result in a healthy beard.

Of course, hormones also influence whether your beard grows in nice and thick or a bit scraggly and patchy. Testosterone is converted to a powerful hormone called DHT: Men with high levels of DHT will naturally grow thicker beards. Increasing testosterone levels with diet and weight lifting is an effective, natural way to promote improved beard growth.

So while genetics plays a big part in the kind of beard you can grow, let's dive deeper into more about what we CAN control in growing our best beard in this guide.

Basic Beard Care

Growing the perfect beard requires a bit more than just the "growing" part of it. Maintaining your beard is what makes it perfect. Putting in a bit of work to care for your beard will pay off big in the end. 

Wash Your Beard

Don't you dare wash your beard with regular soap or random head-hair shampoo. Clean, soften and condition your beard with a beard wash that is handcrafted and formulated perfectly for the PH and texture of a beard.  A daily wash is all it takes for a clean, fresh smelling beard, that won't dry you out.

Condition Your Beard

What is untold secret to warding off frequent discomfort and preventing you from suddenly shaving off your beard? Conditioning! Dry, scratchy beards are unbearably uncomfortable. A solid beard conditioner moisturizes beard follicles and keeps the hairs staying softer, longer. 

Oil Your Beard

While beard butter works hard to help condition and tame your beard hair, beard oil penetrates facial hair in order to smooth and nourish all that growth. Beard oil also leaves your beard and face smelling fresh and looking amazing.

Brush Your Beard

Use a high quality beard brush (or comb) to prevent your beard from forming tangles. Brushing also helps to train hair growth direction and also evenly distributes beard oil, balm and butter.

Trim Your Beard

Beard hair does not grow evenly and at the same rate. A perfect beard requires occasional trimming and shaping. Invest in a high quality trimmer with various attachments and trim as needed.  Also get a good pair of beard scissors for the smaller areas and lighter mustache trim work.

Battling Those Beard Growing Issues

Although others may admire you for having a perfect beard, you will inevitably find some flaws. Here are a few common beard issues that may come up and some ways to work through them.

Itchy Beards

Everyone goes through an initial "itchy stage" during the first 6-8 weeks of growing a beard. Using beard oil and working it down into the skin will relieve itchiness and restore your joy in sporting a beard. 

Beardruff Be Gone

Sometimes with beard itching, comes beard dandruff, or 'beardruff.'  The most common reason is an overproduction of skin cells, drying out and causing flaking dandruff. Beard flakes are a common and aggravating condition. Exfoliating, brushing regularly, and using beard care products with the proper PH level will help treat and prevent beardruff.

Patchy Beards

Growing in a patchy beard takes time and patience. Many times patchy beards will finally fill out at around four or five months of beard growth. Longer beard hairs will begin to cover up empty areas and give more of the look of a full, thick beard. Definitely give it some time!  Keep in mind that there isn't a single beard in the bearded universe that grows out perfectly even.

Split Ends

Split ends occur when facial hair follicles become too coarse or brittle. They eventually split, causing rough, jagged ends. One main cause of split ends is not properly doing regular maintenance and care on your beard. Rely on daily use of beard oil to maintain the health of your beard, and maintenance trimming to keep the ends smooth.


If you didn't take the time to read all of this, here is the quick version- 'Be Patient' about growing out your beard. 'Stay Healthy' and mind your stress levels & nutritional intake.  Finally, use Beard Octane beard products to care for your newly growing facial hair in the best way possible!

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