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ALOE SHAVE GEL - Beard Octane
ALOE SHAVE GEL - Beard Octane
ALOE SHAVE GEL - Beard Octane


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Beard Octane is proud to finally release its Aloe Shave Gel, the must have shave gel for keeping your beard looking extra crispy!  Designed specifically to nourish and protect your skin for the ultimate shaving experience!  Also perfect for those high profile beard edge ups.  This shave gel is packed with Vitamin E that will keep the rough spots in check, all while the Tea Tree keeps everything sterile & safe!  


  • Remove a small dab of shave gel
  • Apply to dry or wet skin
  • Shave the Beard Octane logo onto your face


Aloe Shave Gel comes packaged in a 4 ounce plastic jar with a screw top.  Each jar of Aloe Shave Gel has a heat induction liner in order to keep our Aloe Shave Gel fresh, in preparation of your many uses.  

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