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4 Unusual Uses for Beard Oil-Beard Octane

4 Unusual Uses for Beard Oil

As its name suggests, beard oil is used for, well, beards. However, there are far more uses for this staple in every bearded man’s grooming kit that you may not know about. It is not just for beards, and an increasing number of men are discovering just how dynamic it is. Given how many other uses there are for beard oil, it can help save money on other products that are either unnecessary or are lower quality products than a solid beard oil offers.
  • Unusual Uses for Beard Oil

Here are some of the more unusual uses for beard oil that may surprise you, yet are surprisingly effective.

  • Apply Beard Oil to Your Face

Beard isn't may have the word "beard" in it, but it can be used pretty much anywhere on your body. Your face is the perfect place to start applying it. The main reason is that beard oil is actually intended and designed to get down to the skin that is under your beard. Once it gets massaged into the face under your beard, and on the rest of your face, it mimics your natural sebum oil. This results in you having a more moisturized face.

Any man who has dealt with an itchy beard knows just how dry the skin under a beard can get. As a beard grows, your body goes into overdrive to produce enough oil so that your beard can stay properly moisturized. However, as luck would have it, it will be unable to keep up. This is especially true if you have got a lion's mane for a beard. The more beard hairs you have, the more oil will get pulled from your skin. The result of that is skin that is itchy, dry, and irritated.

When you apply beard oil onto the skin that is under your beard and around it, you will get rid of the main source of irritation you have suffered from, leading you to have healthy skin. Also, your beard will enjoy better growth as an added bonus.

  • Apply Beard Oil to Your Hair

A high-quality beard oil will be made up of natural ingredients and a quality carrier oil. This will ensure it acts as a proper moisturizer that has a secret added bonus for you – it works better than most hair products.

That’s right! Applying beard oil to the hair on your head will work wonders for it. It doesn’t matter if the hair on your head is long or short; you can apply it to the ends of the hairs or get it distributed evenly throughout all of it. In a way, you can consider beard oil in your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Not only will your hair stay moisturized all day, but you will drastically reduce how many split ends you get. Finally, it will match the scent of your beard, leaving out the issue of two fragrances competing for olfactory attention.

  • Apply Beard Oil to Tattoos

Anyone with tattoos knows how important it is to keep them moisturized. Sure, you could apply a lotion to any tattoos you may have. However, an increasing number of men are turning to their trusty beard oil for use on their tattoos. When you have a high-quality beard oil to apply to tattoos, you are going to ensure the color of your tattoos stays vibrant, while the ink quality maintains its freshness for as long as is possible. Your tattoos deserve the best care and attention you can give them considering the lifetime investment you have made in them.

  • Apply Beard Oil as a Cologne

Men who use beard products rarely will use cologne or deodorant. That's because they want to avoid having competing scents going on. Imagine having a different fragrance coming from your beard, armpits, and elsewhere. It is going to either overwhelm you or others.

What you can do is simply take a bit of your favorite high-quality beard oil and apply it as you would a cologne. Take a few drops to dab onto key areas, like your wrists and the sides of your neck. However, a little bit goes a long way with beard oil, so make sure to use it in moderation. You won't need to use more than a drop or two per target area. You want to avoid being that guy who can be smelled from a mile away. Minimalism with a cologne is key.

  • Conclusion

As you can see, beard oil is incredibly dynamic as a product. You probably did not realize just how many ways you can use it. Applying it to your beard is just one of several unusual uses for beard oil. Regardless if you decide to apply in any of the other ways mentioned above, you should definitely at least apply it to your beard, and do so daily. Check out our amazing line of high quality beard oils, your beard will thank you.  


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