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محايد اللحية بوتا

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Beard Octane's Beard Butta. أحد أكثر منتجات العناية باللحية المنتظرة والمطلوبة للغاية التي صنعناها حتى الآن! تم تصميم Beard Octane Beard Butta خصيصًا لترطيب وتغذية فرو وجهك بجميع الفيتامينات والعناصر الغذائية الأساسية التي يحتاجها ليصبح مهيبًا! يتم جلد Beard Octane Beard Butta إلى الكمال ، مما يسمح لها بالاستحلاب في راحة يدك عند ملامستها. هل تريد حصن وجهك لإبعاد كل الكارهين؟ حسنًا ، كل شيء يبدأ هنا ، مع Beard Octane Beard Butta!

عن بيرد أوكتانز بيرد بوتاس:

يتم صنع Beard Octane Beard Butta يدويًا بأعلى جودة فقط ، وجميع المكونات الطبيعية. يتم جلد اللحية الخاصة بنا إلى الكمال ، مما يوفر ثباتًا خفيفًا. كان هذا العمل يتطلب الكثير ، لكننا نجحنا في تحقيقه. إضافة مثالية لروتين العناية باللحية ليلاً ، حيث ستعتمد على Beard Octane's Beard Butta!


معلق: عقد خفيف

شين: شبه لامع

قوة الرائحة: متوسط خفيف

ملاحظات الرائحة: فقط مكونات قاعدة البوتا

التعبئة والتغليف:

تأتي جميع منتجات Beard Butta الخاصة بنا مغلفة في عبوة بلاستيكية سعة 4 أونصات من العنبر بغطاء.

ذوبان إخلاء المسؤولية:

من فضلك حافظ على البرودة! في حال كنت فضوليًا ، فإن Whipped Beard Butta يشبه إلى حد بعيد المكياج إلى ... حسنًا ، الزبدة. لذلك ، إذا تعرضت Beard Butta أو تم تخزينها في مكان دافئ ، فمن المرجح أن تذوب Beard Butta. هذا لا يضر باللحية ، ما عليك سوى وضعها و / أو تخزينها في مكان بارد لاستعادة تكوينها. نحذرك أيضًا من توخي الحذر عند فتح Beard Butta لأول مرة ، حيث يمكن أن يذوب أثناء الشحن.


Our wax-free Beard Butta will make your beard look & feel fuller, while helping to soften & lightly style your facial fur.  All our beard products are handcrafted in the USA with natural ingredients, and are vegan-friendly & cruelty-free.  Moisturize your skin, soften your beard, and eliminate that unwanted beard itch-- all while keeping that chin curtain looking & smelling like a million bucks.

SIZE: 4oz (114g)
HOLD: Light
SHEEN: Semi-Sheen


Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E & Custom Fragrance Oil

All our beard products are handcrafted in the USA with natural ingredients, and are cruelty-free and Phthalate-free.  Tested on beards, not bunnies!

Our products may contain Tree Nut Oils & Natural Botanicals. If you have allergies, consult with your physician before testing on yourself or on your friend.

  • For best results, wash your hands before use.  We don't know where they have been.
  • Apply Beard Octane Beard Buttaafter washing or rinsing your beard.For best results, apply beard oil while beard is damp (approximately 74.6789% dry).
  • Scoop a small dollop of Beard Buttainto the palm of your hands.  Rub your palms together to evenly melt the butta between your palms, then work throughout your facial fur with your fingers.
  • Utilize your favorite Beard Octane combor brush to stylize your facial fur.
  • Go outside, roar loudly and benchpress a dump truck.

More of a visual person? Watch our How-To Series!

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Ed C. (Williamsport, US)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Invisible and Soft

I wish I would have had this butter during the Pennsylvania hunting season. No smell and no crunchy neck net to warn deer works for me. It could use a little CAMO packaging . . .just sayin.

Oooh Camo packaging smell that? Nope it’s unscented! We hope you had a successful hunting season Ed! We appreciate your support!

Kevin B. (Greer, US)
Beard Length: 1-3 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Beard butta

I've used other brands beard balms they were a little harder to dig out than Bobb that being said I guess I was expecting a more of softer consistency. None the less is a great product I use it for more of a night time beard treatment. I save my beard octane oils for going out. Both products a few times a week. I'll probably be coming a permanent customer soon.

Thanks for the kind words Kevin! We truly are honored that you’re enjoying our butta so much! We appreciate you!

J. (Roseburg, US)
Beard Length: 0-1 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Great Butter!

What every beard needs! Do yourself a favor and just buy it!

You heard the man! Just buy it! Thanks JW! We’re glad you’re enjoying your butta brotha! We appreciate you!


Awesome products

We’re glad you’re enjoying our butter Larry! Keep that beard looking wonderful! On the 12th day of beardmas octane brought to meeee. Enjoy our giftset brother!

John B. (Lincoln Park, US)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thin
nice Butta

little bit goes along way. nice texture not to hard. smooths out nice in your palm. great with a little of your nice oil.

A little dab will do ya! Keep that chin curtain nice and soft! Enjoy your butta John!