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Benefits of a Heated Beard Straightener-Beard Octane

Benefits of a Heated Beard Straightener

You've probably seen the Beard Octane Heated Beard Straightener and wondered why have you heard so much about using heat to style your facial fur-- What exactly is it, and why should you use one? 

Let's talk about what a heated beard straightener is, and why you'd want to use one as part of your daily beard care routine. 

What Is A Heated Beard Straightener?

This handy, portable tool is also known as a heated beard brush.  Sometimes even called a heated beard comb. It is a beard grooming tool designed to help tame and style your facial hair with (you guessed it), heat. 

Our beard straightener comes with many different heat settings, and features a fast, safe, ceramic plate and saftey guard.  Simply set the brush to the desired level of heat for your beard type, and brush through your beard to help dial in your preferred look.

The Benefits Of A Heated Beard Brush

  1. Straightens and Tames Unruly Hair - A heat tool effectively straightens and smooths out unruly or curly beard hair. This can help create a more polished and groomed appearance, making your beard look far more dialed-in.

  2. Saves Time - Many guys use a blow dryer and a beard brush, which can take a lot longer to get ready in the morning.  However, a heated beard brush works while you comb through your beard!  This saves you a lot more time!

  3. Reduces Frizz and Flyaways - The heat from a straightener helps to seal unruly hair cuticles, making the beard look smoother and more controlled.

  4. Adds Volume and Shape - A heated beard brush is designed to add volume and shape to your beard.  By lifting the hair at the roots, you can achieve a fuller appearance.

  5. Enhances Beard Product Absorption - Use our tool before applying your favorite Beard Octane beard oils, balms, or buttas. This can help these products penetrate more effectively into the hair and skin, maximizing their benefits.

Do Real Guys Use Heated Beard Brushes?

Absolutely!  Every man has some 'trouble spots' in his beard style that he wishes he could fix.  Mo "The Bearded Shark" has issues with waves and dips in his beard, and loves using his Beard Octane Heated Beard Straightener!

It is important to know that excessive heat can potentially damage your beard.  To minimize that, start by using the straightener on the lowest heat setting. From there, you can work your way up to find your preferred level of heat. As with any grooming tool, proper care and caution are essential to maintaining the health and appearance of your facial hair.

Sold on the benefits of using this amazing tool? Pick up your own Beard Octane Heated Beard Straightener today.

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