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Neutral Beard Oil - Unscented

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Get a beard that can bench press a truck axle, while still looking and feeling amazing!

Beard Octane's Neutral Beard Oil is .... it's unscented, man. Beard Oil in its simplest form.  "Fragrance Free" for you scholars out there, or "Unscented" for everyone else.  Neutral consists of the same high quality ingredients which are found in our other beard oils, but without the scents.  (Don’t worry, Neutral will still moisturize under the facial fur and eliminate beard itch.) 

SCENT NOTES:  Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Not A Scent.

Neutral not enticing? Explore the other unique scents that Beard Octane has to offer! 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 88 reviews
      R P.J. (Titusville, US)
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Thick
      Excellent Unscented Beard Oil!

      Beard Octane's Neutral Beard Oil is a wonderful base for my beard routine and allows me to use some of those fantastic old butters I have in my collection without scent matching oils. Summertime has arrived here in FL and my thicker grey / white beard LOVES this thinner viscosity blend during these hot humid days! I love scents as much as anyone, and Beard Octane has some absolute killer scented oil, but the versatility of this unscented blend has made a believer out of me! I always want some unscented product around now, and Beard Octane's is a definite "reach for"!

      Thanks for the kind words my friend! We're glad and honored your beard loves our products! We appreciate your support!


      No smell at all, nice and light in beard. Doesnt feel greasy.

      Smell that 👃 🤔 nope nothing! We’re glad to hear your beard is loving our beard oil Will!

      Jose M.G.
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Thick
      Great beard oil

      It doesn’t have any scent so you can use your favorite cologne. Has the same great effects on your beard.

      No smell no problem! Thanks for allowing us to care for your beard Jose! We appreciate you!


      The natural is unscented and if you are looking for all the benefits of a great oil without the strong scents this is the way to go! Big fan of this oil it makes my beard feel soft but without feeling oily.

      Sometimes I like to rock the unscented to enjoy all the benefits without the scent! We’re glad you’re enjoying our beard oil Corey! We appreciate your support!

      Ginny (Conneaut, US)
      Beard Length: 6-12 in
      Beard Thickness: Thick
      Beard oil

      My husband absolutely loves beard octane

      And we love your husband! Thanks for trusting us with your husband’s beard Ginny! Happy Holidays!