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Chicago Comb Co Model 1

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The amazing Model 1 Carbon Fiber comb has a patented design with a loop at one end to hold the comb while combing the hair, or to hang up the comb after use. With medium-fine teeth, it's the perfect comb for everyday use and easily fits in your pocket or travel bag.

SPECS: 5.5" (14 cm) long and 1.25" high (3.2 cm) (slightly higher the end where loop is located)


Beard Octaneis a company built on the foundation of producing the highest qualitybeard care products.  As a growing business, we recognize quality when we see it, even if we did not create it.  Supporting others and being positive is true to our roots, as this is why we decided to partner with the infamousChicago Comb Company!  The Chicago Comb Company is known for their extremely high quality carbon fiber combs that are crafted right here in MERICA.  So now you can enjoy aquality beard combthat you've come to know and love, but now with the addition of the ever-so-majestic Beard Octane logo laser engraved to add a few points to your street cred game.  


Made of a very high quality carbon fiber composite that's ultra smooth, strong, and light. The comb is also naturally anti-static, unlike traditional plastic combs which can give you unpleasant "static shock." And it's heat- and chemical-resistant, unlike regular combs, and is far more durable. A truly professional-grade comb. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Great comb perfect for my beard I recommend one

My favorite travel buddy! The Chicago comb fits perfect in my center console or pocket without taking up too much extra room! Enjoy your new comb Don!


Pretty sweet comb. Gives me a chance to review the gifts I got from my mother in law too. I am incredibly happy with the beard wash, conditioner, beard oil, and shave cream. Really high quality products. Nice smell and not perfumy or overpowering. I like them more than any I’ve tried previously. I think I’ve landed on my brand. The comb really is pretty cool too

We’re glad you’re enjoying your gifts Rodney! The model one comb is my daily carry! Enjoy my friend!

Matt G. (Derry, US)
Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
First Chicago comb

Bought this comb from watching Dan C.
I like how it fits in pockets of pants as its not to big. Compared to my no name comb of 2 years this one glides thru my beard never realized other comb did not till I started using my new comb

Chicago combs are definitely a game changer! Glides like
Butta! We appreciate you and your support Matt!

Mark P. (Ottawa, US)
Beard Length: 0-1 in, 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Patchy, Thin
Chicago Comb no.1

I've heard a lot about Chicago Combs and what I've heard is all true, Chicago Combs are AWESOME! The No.1 is perfect for in-the-shower exfoliating for beards in the 3 to 5-inch range! Thank you Beard Octane!

I have a Chicago comb in my truck, bathroom, work! I love them too! Thanks for shopping with us Mark! We truly appreciate you!

Eric C. (Corvallis, US)
Beard Length: 12+ in
Beard Thickness: Thick
GREAT pocket comb!!!!

This is a great pocket comb! I ordered a Chicago Model 8 from Beard Octane about a year ago and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the comb. I decided I needed a new pocket comb and I immediately investigated the Model 1. I’m asking myself now why I waited so long to get this! Do your self a favor and pick one up.

That’s all I use is Chicago Combs in my beard! The model 1 is clutch of EDC! Thanks for the support Eric!