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How to Stop Beard Dandruff-Beard Octane

How to Stop Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff, unaffectionately called beardruff, is a scourge that men everywhere will face at some point. The unwanted flakes of skin that show up in your beard are caused by a few factors, such as dry skin, sensitive skin, and tiny microorganisms. Identifying beard dandruff is the first step to eliminating it.

  • Causes of Beard Dandruff

The main causes of beard dandruff are:

  • Dry skin – Cold and dry air will make the skin under your beard drier, leading to beardruff. Also, drying out that skin too much due to shampooing your beard and washing it in hot water will lead to it as well.
  • Sensitive skin – Low-quality beard care and skin care products will have irritants that can lead to itching and redness, along with flaking skin. If you naturally have more sensitive skin, you will likely have beardruff due to this.
  • Microorganisms – There are tiny microorganisms known as Malassezia that eat the natural sebum oil created by your skin. They also release an inflammatory compound called oleic acid, leading to flaking skin.
    • Ways to Stop Beard Dandruff

Now that you know the causes of beardruff, it’s time to learn how to stop beard dandruff. It’s usually not that difficult to get rid of, so you’re in luck.

  • Use a Conditioning Wash

Cleaning a beard requires something gentler than regular shower shampoo. You want to still get it clean and exfoliate the skin under it but without stripping all of the oils. That's where a conditioning wash comes in. A product like Beard Octane's Neutral Lather Conditioning Wash will moisturize, lather, and cleanse your beard and eliminate dreaded beardruff.

  • Keep Your Beard Hydrated

Dry skin will undoubtedly lead to flaky skin. That is why to avoid it you should keep the skin under your beard moisturized. CBD beard oil is one of the best products to apply to dry skin. Besides enjoying moisturizing benefits of regular high-quality beard oil, you also get the added benefits of using one infused with CBD oil, such as promoting thicker and healthier beard hairs.

  • Avoid Hot Water

Your beard is coated with natural oils that get stripped away when exposed to hot water. That means if you like taking hot showers, you are going to dry out your beard and the skin under it. As much as we all love hot showers, you may want to drop the temperature to something closer to lukewarm, or even opt for cold showers. They have numerous benefits in their own right.

  • Groom That Beard

Grooming your beard will help its oils become more evenly distributed across it. Performing some daily beard grooming will also remove any skin cells that have already flaked off.

  • Conclusion

Living with beardruff doesn't have to be a life sentence. Now that you know how to stop beard dandruff, you can kick this issue to the curb and never see it again. Given how helpful CBD is in getting rid of it, and keeping it away, you can be confident that you can have a dandruff-free beard when you use our specially formulated beard care products.

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