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Beard Length: 1-3 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Great product.

This is a great product, will definitely be ordering again.

Beard Octane blueberry and coffee beard butter is my favorite. It keeps my beard softer and more manageable. My wife likes it on me too, so that's worth it's weight in gold. This butter smells great, just like fresh coffee and blueberries.

Nitro for the win 🏆 We’re glad you’re enjoying your super smooth Nitro Beard Butta Tommy! We appreciate you!

Travel Beard Wash Kit - Travel Sized Beard Wash & Conditioner (Neutral)

We're glad our travel beard wash kit is going on road trips with you to make sure your beard stays clean! Thanks for the 5 star ⭐️ review We appreciate you Forrest!

Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thin
Fiancé Approved

I ordered a sample pack to get a an idea of the scents you offered. 'Merica, Liquid Gold, and of course Grizzly Puncher. I loved all of the scents but those stood out to me. I asked my fiancé her opinion with a resounding oh, I really like that one. So I ordered the butta, then the full size oil, and the balm in the Grizzly. Have already started my wishlist. Thank you for such wonderful smelling and quality products. Keep up the great work.

We're so glad we're fiancé approved! Thanks for the support Randall you picked a great scent to go full size with!

excellent product

We’re glad our Beard supplements that are jam packed with awesomeness is working for your beard 🧔‍♂️ We appreciate your support Jason!

Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Love this Scent

Beard Octane Butta and Oil are fantastic. Fuller, softer and more manageable is my goal and BO meets that goal.

Thanks for allowing us to care for your beard ‍♂️ David! We're glad you're loving Grizzly Puncher

Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
amazing products 😍!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for the beard oil, beard butter, and leave-in conditioner I got from you guys. These products are awesome and totally exceeded my expectations. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

Thanks again for the amazing quality and all your hard work. Keep it up!


Thanks for the kind words and support Hamed! We're glad you're loving your goodies!

Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick

Victory Beard Oil - Ginger Yuzu, Labdanum & Fresh Ozone

We're glad you're loving Victory as much as our beards do! Thanks for the support and review Phillip!

Beard Length: 1-3 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
A brand above the rest

I’ve been a long time user of beard octane products. This is by far my favorite and most refreshing scent year round. The oil is hydrating and nourishing, best I’ve ever found. The butters and balms are protective and top quality. You won’t regret your purchase!

Thank you so much the continuous support Mike! Enjoy your citrusy goodness!

Citrafella Beard Balm - Freshly Squeezed Citrus
Chris G. (Highlands Ranch, US)
Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Great Balm

Does the job well. It protects as well as hold and condition. Great scent too.

A great shield to protect from the sun while making the beard look good! Enjoy your beard balm Chris!

Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thick

Downshift Lather Conditioning Wash - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Thanks for the 5 star ⭐️ review Michael! Enjoy your downshift LCW!

Excellent. Great products and great service.

It’s the curve that gets all the hairs that does it for me! We’re glad you’re loving the xl curved brush Andre! We appreciate you!

Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick

Great product!

I got cold start in beard as I type this! Such a nice relaxing scent! We're glad you're enjoying you goods Nicholas!

Neutral Beard Oil - Unscented
Eric H. (Trumbull, US)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Great products as always!

I purchased the beard oil and another bottle of the beard wash. They are both my daily go to products for my beard. I highly recommend beard octanes products!

Thank you for the continuous support Eric! We truly appreciate you!

Beard Length: 3-6 in, 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Excellent Product

Both beard butter and leave in conditioner are the best man mane products I’ve used in all my years of looking burley and beautiful.

It's an honor you allow us to care for that beautiful beard ‍♂️ enjoy my friend, we appreciate you!

This is my favorite!. It so reminds me of the old school barbershop I went to in the 1960's!

Barbershop definitely takes me down a Nostalgic lane when I used to go to with my dad and we’d get a haircut, and the barber would use shaving cream and a straight raizor to get the neck line! We’re glad you’re enjoying it! We appreciate you!

Soap Tray

I like the size and the way its made. I have 4 of these now!

Great way to make the soap last! We appreciate you!

I like the scent of barbershop oil, so I wanted to try the butta. I like it as well. I wish the jar was smaller and the prjce was less. That's what the company Beard of God does. This way two things happen. A. You don't spend so much $ at once.B. You run out of product faster and come back sooner to either buy another or try something new. I'm not complaining. I'm just answering your question.

Thanks for the review and feedback tattoo! We offer 4oz jars so people can enjoy the product longer! We’re glad you’re enjoying Barbershop! We truly appreciate your ongoing support!

Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thin

Ginger Jamboree butter is very light hold but feels great in beard. , I use the oil and butter
only as an overnight routine. Leaves beard soft and feeling great. Scent is great but does not last at all which is why I never use in the day or evenings out as way too light hold and scent.

Thanks for the review and feedback Eric! Since Ginger Jamboree is a citrus scent i will fade quicker than others for some! We're glad you're enjoying it as a night time scent! We appreciate your support!

2nd time I’ve bought the merica scent. My fav

When you find the one you know! Merica is a great scent to have as a favorite! Enjoy 🤙

Biotin - Beard Growth Supplement
Zacharey K. (Grabill, US)
Beard Length: 1-3 in
Beard Thickness: Thin

Biotin - Beard Growth Supplement

We love it when we hear our beard supplements are doing their job! Thanks for the review and support Zacharey! We appreciate you!

My new favorite.

Liquid Gold is definitely a top pick for us as well! We’re glad you’re enjoying your Total Beard Kit Robert!

Best oil I’ve tried truly amazing company.

Thanks for the kind words Denver! We use nothing but the best ingredients to create Beard Octane products! We appreciate your support!

As always fast delivery quality product

We’re all about making sure your beard supplies get to your doorsteps as fast as possible! We’re glad you’re enjoying the mustache wax Denver! We appreciate you!

Beard Length: 1-3 in
Beard Thickness: Thick
Like It

Gives me an idea of what oils I like.

We couldn't of said it any better Robert! We're glad you're enjoying your starter kit! We appreciate your support!