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Liquid Gold Beard Oil - Frankincense & Oud

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Get a beard that can bench press a truck axle, while still looking and feeling amazing!

Beard Octane's Liquid Gold Beard Oil is one of our most sought-after scents, with the profile of a woody, sweet Oud cologne.  Oud is commonly referred to as 'liquid gold' due to its rarity, cost, and high market demand.  We blended Oud with another highly-sought after oil, Frankincense, and added a touch of Leather for good measure. 

Find out for yourself why our Liquid Gold Beard Oil is top-rated year over year.

SCENT NOTES:  Hints of Leather, Frankincense, Oud & Expensive Tastes

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      Here at Beard Octane we take your Facial Fur very seriously.  Our beard products are handcrafted in the USA with natural ingredients, and are vegan-friendly & cruelty-free.  Seriously, the only animals we test anything on are bearded men!  Moisturize your skin, soften your beard, and eliminate unwanted beard itch.  All while keeping that chin curtain looking & smelling like a million bucks.

      SIZE: 1 OZ (30ml)

      HOLD: Light

      SHEEN: Semi-Sheen

      SCENT STRENGTH: Light-Medium


      Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Extract, Vitamin E & Custom Fragrance Oil Blends.

      All of our beard oils are All Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free and contain no Phthalates. Our products may contain Tree Nut Oils & Natural Botanicals. If you have allergies, consult with your physician before testing on yourself or on your friend.

      HOW TO USE
      • Utilizing the dropper cap, squeeze several droplets of beard oil into the palm of your masculine hands.  We typically recommend a dime sized amount.  For best results, apply beard oil while beard is damp (approximately 74.679% dry).
      • Rub the beard oil between the palms of your hands, in a circular motion. 
      • Rub your hands through your beard, while working your way to the skin underneath.  Work the beard oil into the skin underneath, as this will help get rid of the dreaded "beard itch".
      • Utilize your favorite Beard Octane comb or brush to stylize your facial fur.
      • Go outside, roar loudly and benchpress a dump truck.

      More of a visual person? Watch our How-To Series!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 461 reviews

      The best beard oil I’ve ever purchased, smells great and keeps my beard soft and straight.

      Thanks so much for the review and support Devin! We’re truly honored you allow us to care for your beard! You got great taste in scents Liquid Gold is one of my favorites scents!

      Jason N. (Kansas City, US)
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Thick

      Liquid Gold Beard Oil - Frankincense & Oud

      We’re super pumped you love our Liquid Gold enough to give it 5 stars Jason! Enjoy your beard oil brother! We appreciate you!

      Joey (Akron, US)
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Patchy, Thin, Thick
      The feels slick smooth

      I like this beard oil I knew from the ingredients it should be smooth and softening and the scent I wasn't sure about but I went for it anyways and it's not my favorite out of all the beard oils I have but it's not bad and it's growing on me but I love the feel of this oil.

      We’re glad you’re enjoying our beard oil Joey! Although liquid gold is one of our top seller we totally understand not all scents are made for everyone! We hope you grow to love it! We appreciate you!

      Benjamin M. (Bremerton, US)
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Thin, Thick
      Jeremiah the Bullfrog

      This oil has a very unique scent profile. I can't put my finger on why, but it just smells very luxurious... besides the fact that it keeps my beed looking and feeling luxurious as well. (No bullfrogs were harmed in the writing of this review.)

      LG always makes me feel luxurious! Thanks so much for the review and support Benjamin! We appreciate you

      Patrick A. (Orange Park, US)
      Beard Length: 1-3 in
      Beard Thickness: Thick
      Liquid perfection.

      Perfectly blended scent, with a longevity that I hoped for. Not overpowering, but enough to make a statement. Living in Florida, a lightweight oil is always appreciated, and certainly Beard Octane meets the mark. Extremely happy with the purchase.

      I live in Georgia so I know the appreciation for a thinner oil! Living in the sunshine state liquid gold fits right in! Enjoy your beard oil Patrick, we appreciate you!