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Grizzly Puncher Beard Balm - Teakwood, Oakmoss & Bergamot

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Can your beard take on over 700lbs of North American Grizzly Bear... and win?  Well, with Beard Octane's Grizzly Puncher collaboration with Caleb W. Francis (the W is for 'Winning'), all your bear-wrestling day dreams can come true!* 

We've partnered with everybody's favorite grizzly-punching, coffee-guzzling content creator, Caleb Francis, to bring you the peak scent of manliness for your epic chin curtain.  Whether you're hunting in the rough and tumble back country of South Texas, or just trying to survive your next commute to work?  Grizzly Puncher's warm Teakwood, fresh Oakmoss, and hints of Bergamot will give you the confidence to carry on. Find Caleb on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch!  

*Note: Our legal team reminds you that you should not go out and start punching or wrestling actual, live grizzly bears.  They may look cute and cuddly, but they'll cancel your birth certificate in no time flat. 

SCENT NOTESTeakwood, Oakmoss, Bergamot & A Grizzly's Roar

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    Our natural beard balm is designed to promote healthy beard growth, to moisturize and style your beard, without leaving your beard feeling weighed down and greasy. 

    SIZE: 2oz (57g)

    HOLD: Medium

    SHEEN: Semi-Sheen

    SCENT STRENGTH: Light-Medium


    Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E & Custom Fragrance Oil Blends

    All our beard products are handcrafted in the USA with natural ingredients, and are cruelty-free and Phthalate-free.  Tested on beards, not bunnies!

    Our products may contain Tree Nut Oils & Natural Botanicals. If you have allergies, consult with your physician before testing on yourself or on your friend.

    • For best results, apply Beard Octane Beard Balm when your beautiful Facial Fur is damp (approximately 74.6% dry), after applying our beard oil.
    • Using your finger, or a 5/16" (MERICA!) wrench, scrape out a "dime" sized amount of awesomeness from the beard balm tin, and rub this awesomeness between your palms.
    • Run your fingers through your beard, starting from the neck and work your way up.  Be sure to rub the beard balm into the skin, wherever your beard grows.
    • Shape your beard to your liking by hand or with a comb.  You can also use a blow dryer (not the heat gun) on low heat, in order to help obtain the beard shape you desire.
    • Go tell your boss you deserve a raise.  Chances are, your boss will just give you a raise because your beard looks awesome.

    More of a visual person? Watch our How-To Series!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    I have been exploring different beard products companies and Beard Octane is in my top 3. Their Oil, Butter and Balm are great products!

    We’re honored to make your top 3 favorite brands David! We truly appreciate your support! Enjoy Grizzly Puncher!

    John W. (Riverside, US)
    Beard Length: 6-12 in
    Beard Thickness: Thick
    Knocked that grizzly out

    The balm works great does exactly what I want, tames the wild hairs but not to heavy to make it stiff. Scent wise I would prefer to be a little stronger cause I smell the carrier agent more but it only lasts for a few seconds and I'm good. Definitely gonna purchase more oils and balms

    Thanks for the review and support John! What you smell is the Castor oil which is only used in our beard balm. We’re glad you’re enjoying our grizzly puncher!

    Shawn l. (Kingfisher, US)
    Beard Length: 3-6 in
    Beard Thickness: Thick

    Smells amazing last all day

    One of our favorite all day scents! Thanks for allowing us to care for your beard Shawn!

    Brian P. (Grand Island, US)
    Beard Length: 1-3 in
    Beard Thickness: Thick
    Great Grizzly scent.

    Really like the scent of this one, lasts for a long time and not overBEARing (see what i did there) . As with all Beard Octane Oils and balms, keeps my beard moisturized and soft and helps keep fly aways to a BEAR minimum (sorry had to do it).

    We’re Beary glad you’re enjoying Grizzly puncher Brian! We appreciate you!

    Matt J.P. (Providence, US)
    Beard Length: 1-3 in
    Beard Thickness: Patchy, Thick

    Like it alot so far!

    The beard balm is a great way to keep those flyaways tamed and you can’t go wrong with Grizzly Puncher! We truly appreciate your support Matt!