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Beard Octane Wholesale're interested in carrying some amazing, high quality, ever-so-good looking, street cred giving Beard Care Products?  Well, you have chosen wisely, as Beard Octane has you covered!  Beard Octane is looking for passionate & motivated business owners who want to take their business to the next level.  Beard Octane has exploded in the Beard Care Market over the past year and we are just getting warmed up.  We offer competitive discount rates and incentives, which make partnering with us very profitable.  

The best part about working with Beard Octane, is you deal with real people behind the brand.  The people that put their lives into these products.  We are not a private label company, we actually physically make these products.  What does this mean for you, and your customers?  We have the passion and the understanding of what works for your customers, and what doesn't.  If there was ever an issue (highly doubtful), you speak with us directly, and we make it right.  We are here by your side along this journey, and want to help you grow.  

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To request a Wholesale Application form, please fill out our Wholesale Application form HERE.  We will respond within 24-48 hours.  Thank You!

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