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5 Summer Care Beard Tips-Beard Octane

5 Summer Care Beard Tips

Summer is in full swing, and your beard is going to need to get taken care of in the hot and humid conditions. All that sweat, dryness, and dirt can make your beard a little gruff. Even though there are challenges with having a beard in the summer, it's something you probably don't want to part with. So, here are five summer beard care tips that will nurture your beard and help it adapt to the summer.

Wash Your Beard

You are going to want to get into the regular habit of washing your beard. Before you reach over for the bottle of shampoo, stop immediately! You will turn your beard follicles into dry and bristly porcupine spikes. Instead, opt for a beard wash. This specially designed cleanser will deliver nourishing natural oils to your beard follicles, while also hydrating the skin behind all that facial hair. Also, you will be keeping your beard clean and soft, while avoiding that annoying itchy feeling. 

Trim It

Having a slightly shorter beard will make it easier to keep on top of beard maintenance throughout the summer. I know this can be a hard one to agree to. If you do, you can decide on how much you trim. It doesn't even have to be that much. I recommend trimming your beard in phases. You can always trim more, but you can't get back what you trimmed, at least not for a while. You will want to trim it so that you are getting enough airflow down to the skin, so it can breathe easily. An added benefit of trimming your beard is that you get rid of split ends. 

Use Beard Oil

Being out in the sun all day, or even for a short amount of time during the sun's peak, will dry out your beard. Thankfully, beard oil can be your go-to remedy. This is an oil that will contain a carrier oil, as well as essential oils. All the oils together will produce a moisturizing effect on your beard and skin. You will enjoy a softer beard that itches less and produces less dandruff. Every oil will have its own unique properties, so look at the ingredients and pick the one that addresses your needs. Ideally, you will be applying beard oil daily, right after washing it.

Stay Hydrated 

When it's hot out, you sweat more and lose a lot of water. The more you sweat, the drier your skin will get, which is not good for your beard. That's why you should be drinking a large amount of water. You should be drinking close to eight glasses a day to keep your skin and beard more hydrated.

Keep It Soft

Humidity can do a number on your beard. If you forget to moisturize with beard oil for a single day, your beard will be more like a Brillo pad. To tame your beard, you should keep applying beard oil or beard balm to it whenever you feel it's getting a bit dry. Also, you will want to comb through it using a wooden beard brush so that you avoid getting static buildup.

Protect Your Summer Beard

Summer can be a challenging time for a beard. All that hazy, hot, and humid weather can make it almost unbearable to have a beard. However, if you follow these summer beard care tips, you will be able to get through summer with your beard, while keeping it looking and feeling great.

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