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Why Do People Grow Beards?-Beard Octane

Why Do People Grow Beards?

While you may have never really thought why you grew a beard, there are some people out there who wonder about the reasons behind facial fuzz. Biological explanations aside, there are many reasons why people grow a beard. At Beard Octane, it is our goal to help you keep your chin curtain looking as good as possible. With the right beard care products from our online store, you can keep growing and grooming your whiskers so that they stand out among all the other bushy and bristly faces out there.

Facial Warmth

One reason to grow a beard is simply to keep your face warm. You might live somewhere that has harsh, cold winters, and a full beard can help insulate your face against freezing temperatures. Your beard can help hold body heat in, as well protect you against the wind chill on those blustery winter days. For thousands of years, beards have helped men keep the cold at bay, not to mention it looks pretty epic to have icicles in your beard.

Attract a Mate

It goes without saying that some people are instantly attracted to a beard. When your face mane is well-tended and healthy, you can appear older, wiser, and hopefully more appealing. If you’re hanging out with friends or going on a date, a good-looking beard can tell people that you take the time to care for your whiskers, and that can show you’re dedicated to maintaining your personal hygiene and your appearance. While some men and women prefer a clean-shaven face, you’ll likely have your share of admirers once they get a look at your beard.

A Fashion Statement

If you’re someone who takes great pride in how you look and how you dress, then a beard can be another fashion statement. Whether you’re going for the modern hipster look or the full mountain man appearance, your beard can play a big role in how put together you appear. Think of your beard as an accessory that you never take off, and with proper grooming and trimming, along with the regular application of beard oil and beard balm, you can make a positive impression on nearly every person you meet.

Because Why Not?

There might be a dozen reasons why you decided to grow a beard, but at the end of the day, what really matters is that you like how it looks on you. Perhaps your father or grandfather had a sweet beard, or your partner suggested you try growing one. Even though you’ll have both admirers and dissenters when it comes to your beard, the only person who has to live with it is you. By picking up some high-quality beard care products from us, you can make the time you spend keeping your beard healthy and happy one of the best parts of your day.

Order Online Today

At Beard Octane, we’re dedicated to helping anyone who wants to grow a new beard or strengthen the one they already have. If you’re looking for new oils, balms, and butters to try, or you need a really good beard comb or brush, shop online with us today.

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