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Beard Octane Father's Day Ideas-Beard Octane

Beard Octane Father's Day Ideas

Beard Octane Fathers Day Ideas

With Father's Day quickly approaching, you have to figure out what to get your old man. What's the perfect Father's Day gift? If they have a beard and you're looking for something that they will really love and enjoy, you're in luck. Beard Octane has the perfect Father's Day gift for any beard-sporting dad out there.

Let's break things down, so you can see all the great Father's Day gifts you can give them.

Beard Oil

Beards need hydration to tame them and keep them soft. Our wide array of organic beard oils will make you dad's beard feeling, looking, and smelling great. You can even get him a sampler pack if you can't decide on a specific kind of beard oil.

Beard Balm

Beard balm nurtures beards even further and gives them incredible texture. All of our beard balms have shea butter, beeswax, moisturizing oils, and fragrance blends that will keep beards soft, supple, and sophisticated.

Beard Butter

Another type of product that moisturizes and softens up beard is beard butter, or as we like to call it, Beard Butta. This product is hand-poured, mixed, and whipping, making it incredibly smooth.

Beard & Body Bars

Your dad's beard deserves to smell and feel fresh for them. This can easily be done using a beard and body bar. Made using a goat milk base, along with coconut oil, palm oil, fragrances, and more, these bars are specially designed for men and the demanding needs their bodies have.

Beard Cleanse

Any man who has ever washed their beard with normal shampoo knows how it turns it into something feeling like steel wool. All the natural oils get stripped, which damages the beard. Give your dad the gift of a full and rich-looking beard thanks to using a beard cleanse.

Beard Supplements

When you give your father beard supplements, you are helping him growth a healthy and full beard. Supplements such as biotin help hair grow thicker, which every man can appreciate.

Beard Brush

Like all hair, beards can get tangled and lead to you pulling beard hairs out when you use the wrong kind of brush. A beard brush is specially designed to detangle beards, helping tame them at the start of each day.

Beard Comb

When your father wants to make sure every beard hair is in its rightful place, a beard comb can help make that happen. We carry beard combs made out of sandalwood, ox horns, and more.

Beard Razor

If your dad has a beard, he likely wants to keep it. However, he probably wants to shape it up and keep it sculpted. That's where a beard razor can help. Our beard razors are durable and allow you to get a good grip on them, making sure that your dad won't have any burning or irritating sensations.

Beard Kit

If you're still having a tough time deciding what Father's Day gift to get your old man, you can get them a beard kit. This kit comes with beard oil, beard balm, and face body wash.

Grab any one of these perfect Father's Day gift and give your dad something he will actually enjoy using.

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