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How to Grow a Beard in the Workplace-Beard Octane

How to Grow a Beard in the Workplace

Beard Octane Work Beard Tips

Sporting a beard at work is something that used to be not only uncommon but not even allowed. At most, you were allowed to have a mustache. However, times have changed, and beards are all the rage. With more people working remotely and startups reinforcing a trend of more casual work environments, there are increasingly less draconian beard policies in place. However, some places may still look down at beards. Here's how to grow a beard in the workplace, so that you don't look like a homeless man.

Keep It Styled

Your beard will be more accepted when it's tamed and styled. A good quality beard balm can help you manage your beard better, giving a more refreshed and vibrant look to it. This is the ideal way to get your beard in shape after a night of tossing and turning.

Besides a good beard balm, you will need some tools to keep your beard looking fresh and sharp. This could be accomplished by using both a beard brush and beard comb. These helpful tools will allow you to sculpt your beard in a way that makes it look presentable.

Beyond these tools, you should also have a durable and effective beard razor in your arsenal. While you obviously don't want to shave your beard off, you should keep it shaped up, to avoid looking scrappy and shaggy. Our beard razors are made exclusively to polish up your beard and keep it looking professional. These safety razors are strong, balanced, and feature a helpful grip.

Keep It Fresh

An odoriferous beard will keep everyone away from you and get people to start talking behind your back. If you want to stay in good standing with the rest of the people at work, you're going to need to keep it fresh. High-quality beard oil is just the thing you need to get the job done. All you need to do is use a few drops of one of these oils on a daily basis. They will not only keep your beard smelling great, but also help it feel smooth and look shiny.

You should also be washing your beard. Instead of grabbing a bottle of the shampoo you use for your head, you need a special beard cleanse shampoo. The unique formula won't strip your beard from its natural oils as most shampoos do. After using a beard cleanse, your beard will be looking full and rich, while either not smelling at all, or having the aroma of whatever special fragrance oils are blended into a specific beard cleanse. 

Take Care of Your Beard

The bottom line is that you should take care of your beard. Make sure that you are keeping it styled and fresh, so that it maintains a certain level of professionalism. This doesn't mean you need to make it look devoid of character, but everyone will appreciate you at least making sure it looks polished and doesn't smell bad.

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