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4 Tips for Beard Care During Hot Weather-Beard Octane

4 Tips for Beard Care During Hot Weather

Beard Octane 4 Tips Hot Beard Weather

Some men believe that shaving their beards down before it gets hot out will help them feel cooler. It's almost tragic to see this happen because it's simply not true. In fact, your beard would have to be as thick as a rabbit's pelt to trap heat within it, which has over three times as many follicles concentrated per square centimeter. However, there are ways you can take part in helpful beard care during hot weather to keep you even cooler.  With no differences in heat flow found between those with clean-shaven faces and bearded ones, how do you keep cool during hot weather when you have a beard? Here are some tips.

Keep Your Beard Hydrated

Water is the key to keeping your beard cool. You should always stay hydrated. This becomes especially important when temperatures climb really high. Staying hydrated means drink lots of water, but not overdoing it, since that will eliminate your much-needed electrolytes. Your body needs some salt, so you can switch around how you keep hydrated. You can drink a glass of water, but after that, eat a water-based food like a cucumber, tomato, watermelon, or something similar.


Keep Your Beard Clean

When it gets hot, you are going to sweat. All that salty sweat is going to sit around in your beard and create a buildup of salt and dead skin cells. The end result is your beard feeling dry and irritated. This leads to you scratching your face and damaging your beard. You can use specially-designed beard conditioner and body wash to avoid stripping your beard's natural oils while keeping it clean.

Keep Your Beard Moist

Beards need to hold onto protective oils. Otherwise, every individual beard hair is going to feel like a porcupine quill. When you're out in the sun for too long, your beard will get dried out. This becomes a more significant issue for beard care during hot weather than it is when it's winter. Since you're more likely to be out in the sun for longer while it's nice and warm out, you should be applying a moisturizing beard oil to your daily self-care routine. This will help you avoid seeing your beard get too dry.

Keep Your Beard Styled

If you just let your beard run wild, it will start looking gnarly very quickly. This is especially true if it's getting exposed to a lot of heat and humidity. Add the extra sweat you'll be producing when it's how and humid, and your beard is destined to become a tangled mess. You can keep it tamed and styled by using a beard comb to bring some order back to your beard. Using a comb made exclusively for beards will prevent you from damaging your beard when you're performing your beard care routine. You'll also avoid the pain that comes with pulling out tangled beard hairs.
Now that it's getting hot out, you should remember about how your beard is affected by warm weather. When you practice these tips, you will make sure your beard stays healthy and looks great.

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