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What Exactly Is No Shave November?-Beard Octane

What Exactly Is No Shave November?

Every November, men everywhere let their beards grow out untamed by modern wizardry like electric razors. Even those men who usually go clean-shaven start sporting a month-long beard. Why? What is No Shave November, and how did it all start? We're going to go over its history and the meaning behind it. If you haven't participated before, you may find yourself setting aside that razor come November.

What Is No Shave November?

The origins of No Shave November go back to 2009. This was when a family in Chicago that had eight siblings saw their father ultimately losing a battle with colon cancer. It was this event that mobilized them to create a foundation that would raise money for cancer awareness and other organizations doing something to stamp out cancer. So far, the organization has raised over $2 million. You can head over to the official website to learn more.

So, how did the whole thing with not shaving start? Well, someone decided that it was a clever way to get the word out about the cause. You can consider it a form of guerrilla marketing. By not shaving your facial hair, you are paying homage to cancer patients who lose their hair after going through rough cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

No Shave November Rules

It’s not too difficult to participate in No Shave November. All you have to do is stop shaving for 30 days during November. Any money you would normally spend on shaving your facial hair or keeping up your beard can be donated to participating charity organizations or a cancer charity of your choice.

You are encouraged to start off clean-shaven at the beginning of November. However, if you already have a beard, simply let it go untamed for the month. That means you can't shave, trim, or groom your beard at all. No cheating!

There’s another great aspect to No Shave November. Soon enough, people are going to begin to notice you’ve let your beard go. When they ask you about it, you can use that as a way to let them know about the cause behind it. It will also let them relax knowing there’s nothing wrong with you. If this is your first time participating in No Shave November, you can expect to have more than a few people ask you about it!

All in all, No Shave November is about helping support people who are suffering from cancer and donating to organizations that are doing their best to find a cure.

Be a Part of No Shave November

Now that you know a little bit about No Shave November, you can consider joining in on what has become an annual tradition for men all around the world. This year, Beard Octane is selling rubber "No Shave November" wristbands and will be donating all the proceeds to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Cancer is rough for everyone, especially children. We encourage you to join in on the No Shave November movement!  CLICK HERE to support the cause today!

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