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Chicago Comb Co Model 7

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Model 7 Carbon Fiber is the ultimate new detangling, styling, and pick comb for men & women of all backgrounds. Perfect for long, curly, natural, and thick hair, as well as big beards, Afros, and pompadour hair styles.

SPECS: 6" (15.2 cm) high and 2.7" (6.8 cm) wide, with teeth up to 3" (7.6 cm) long


Beard Octaneis a company built on the foundation of producing the highest qualitybeard care products.  As a growing business, we recognize quality when we see it, even if we did not create it.  Supporting others and being positive is true to our roots, as this is why we decided to partner with the infamousChicago Comb Company!  The Chicago Comb Company is known for their extremely high quality carbon fiber combs that are crafted right here in MERICA.  So now you can enjoy aquality beard combthat you've come to know and love, but now with the addition of the ever-so-majestic Beard Octane logo laser engraved to add a few points to your street cred game.  


Made of a very high quality carbon fiber composite that's ultra smooth, strong, and light. The comb is also naturally anti-static, unlike traditional plastic combs which can give you unpleasant "static shock." And it's heat- and chemical-resistant, unlike regular combs, and is far more durable. A truly professional-grade comb. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Matt Z. (Sparta, US)
Beard Length: 3-6 in
Beard Thickness: Thin
Solid Quality

This pick comb is great quality. Very sturdy, easy to clean, doesn't create static. Great for fluffing up the beard from the underside.

The under beard needs love too! That’s what we love about Chicago Combs! No static and no pulling We appreciate you Matt!

Kevin M. (West Hamlin, US)
Beard Length: 6-12 in
Beard Thickness: Thin
Great pick

Awesome pick, adds a ton of volume

Chicago combs are the best! Thanks for the support Kevin!

Jay W.
Useful comb!

I use this comb to make my beard fuller looking. Great for another tool for beard care!

Its a great comb for sure! Thanks for the support Jay!!

This comb is a necessity for medium to long beards

I use this comb daily in the shower, because my beard is very thick and the hairs curl pretty tightly. This comb lets me spread my conditioner easily on wash days, with little to no snags, and does great to un-mat my beard from the heavy water, letting it dry in such a way that it doesn't get extra tangly in the drying process. This should be in every medium to long beard owner's arsenal.

Thanks for the review and trusting Beard Octane for your beard care needs Adam! We appreciate you!

Steven C.
I wish I had this months ago! Game changer!

I've struggled with combs for so long and my last one was a wood comb which was starting to pull hairs often because it got longer. I decided to get this Chicago comb #7 and I've never, and I mean NEVER felt my beard this good! I also comb it down and out first and then up and outwards which is opposite to how I've been doing it for the longest. The beard is not only puffier (in a good way) but also has this sense of freedom and breathability that you have to experience to u understand. I love how my beard looks, feels and smells. And this comb, paired with any of the Beard Octane beard oils and buttas will change your life!

I truly believe Chicago combs are the best out there! We’re glad you and your beard are loving it and our beard products Steven! can’t think you enough for the love and support!