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How To Grow A Healthy Beard-Beard Octane

How To Grow A Healthy Beard

Trying to grow out a solid, healthy beard, and worried about what people will think?  There was a time when beards were unfashionable. The minute that first strand of facial hair peeks out, your best friend becomes the shaving cream, some fancy razor, and even fancier aftershave in some exotic scent.

Luckily, over the past few years, beards have made a solid comeback, especially in professional workplaces. Those people who were once staunch detractors of beards are now googling tips on growing thick healthy, lush facial hair for themselves.

The beards of today aren't the beards of your grandfather's years. Today, beards are the main attraction and not the side piece. With celebrities such as Rick Ross donning enviable beards, it's perfectly fine if you're experiencing some beard envy. But after years of cut-and-gos, you may not know where to start your beard journey.

If you're suffering from beard struggles, here are the top tips on growing a healthy beard:

Clean Shave

You heard right. The foundation for a terrific beard starts with a pristine shave, done with a beard razor and aloe shave gel from the expert team at Beard Octane. This first shave gives you a fresh base to cultivate a beard growth regiment. Clean skin encourages the growth of hair follicles, ultimately leading you to the nirvana of beards.

Beard Supplements

Like anything else on your body, you take supplements when you want to bolster the growth. Stronger nails? Supplements. Longer hair? Supplements. So why would it be any different when aiming to grow a healthy beard? It's not.

Beard supplements provide the extra nutrients that stimulate hair growth. For beards, Biotin is touted as one of the best supplements. Some of the most effective biotin beard supplements can be found at Beard Octane. We offer a wide range of supplements, including Beard Fuel, Biotin, and Collagen.

Washing and Moisturizing

Beard is hair like any other and requires TLC. To grow a luxurious chic beard, you need to keep it clean and hydrated. Create a wash routine and moisturize your beard as much as necessary.

Keep your beard tangle free, smooth to the touch, and moisturized with one of the many products from our Cleanse Collection, which comprises a plethora of conditioning washes to choose from.

To moisturize, Beard Octane has you covered with beard oil options ranging from Liquid Gold to Ginger Jamboree beard oil.

Let It Grow

This may seem obvious, but as the beard grows, you may be tempted to cut it, trim it, or even clip it. But to have that Drake-level beard, you need to live through the awkward periods. As you start your beard journey, it won't be so glamorous at the beginning, which may prompt you to reclaim your razor. But resist the temptation. The wait is well worth it. Keep it clean, keep it moisturized, and sit back and watch it grow.

There is no shortcut to getting the beard you see on Pinterest and the chiseled faces of celebrities. But with a bit of patience and products from Beard Octane, you will have the beard of your dreams in no time.

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