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A Beard Growth Timeline-Beard Octane

A Beard Growth Timeline

Whether you’ve had a beard for several years or you’ve only just recently grown some facial fuzz, there was a time when you decided to grow and keep the hair on your face. You knew that it would take time to cultivate a truly glorious beard, and that there would be some struggles along the way. Perhaps you tried to grow one before, only to be waylaid by the itchy face phase where nothing you could do would assuage how badly you wanted to scratch your beard.

At Beard Octane, we’re here to help you on your journey by providing exceptional beard care products, including oils, balms, and supplements. If you’re thinking about growing a beard, or you want to make the one you have stronger and healthier, then shop online with us today!

The Decision

The decision to grow a beard can be fairly monumental, since it will both change how you look and how people look at you. Your workplace may be fine with your hirsute appearance, but what will your partner think, or what will the teller at the bank say to you? It’s important to remember that growing a beard is a personal choice, and only you can decide if it’s the right look for your face.

The Stubble

After a few days of not shaving, you’ll begin to notice some good stubble on your chin and cheeks. It might look a bit patchy in places, but that’s okay. Your beard may not begin to fill in until about a week or so of growth, so don’t give up and break out the razor in the first four or five days. If you want to give your beard a bit of a boost, take a look at our supplements and how they can promote a fuller, healthier chin curtain.

The Itchy Face

Ah, the itchy face — the bane of every bearded existence. Between week one and week three of growing your beard, you’ll most likely begin to experience some itching sensations on your face. The hairs are becoming long enough to curl and touch the sensitive skin on your cheeks and chin, and this can lead to some minor (or major) irritation. This can often be the point of no return — you either push through the itchy phase or shave and start again. With the help of some of our beard oils or balms, you can combat the itchiness and move on to the next phase.

The Glory

Once you’ve gotten past the itchiness and patchiness of the first few weeks of growing your beard, you can look forward to the glory that is having a full, luscious beard. While it may be a month or two before it’s grown to your desired length, you can begin to gauge how you, as well as others, feel about your whiskers. By taking care of your beard each day, you can guide it along to the point at which you want it to be. Keep in mind that it will be a few years before you can achieve full Gandalf or Grizzly Adams status.

Shop Online Today

If you’re growing a beard for the first time, or you shaved recently and miss that comfy face cushion, let Beard Octane help you get started. We offer outstanding products that allow you to grow, shape, and care for your beard in ways you never thought possible. On top of oils and balms, you can also shop online for combs, brushes, and scissors, for when you want to shape and style your beard in new and exciting ways.

We look forward to helping your beard grow!

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