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Celebrate World Beard Day!-Beard Octane

Celebrate World Beard Day!

Everyone knows about No-Shave November, and many people observe the month by leaving their razors in the bathroom cabinet and letting their whiskers grow. However, at Beard Octane, we want everyone to know about World Beard Day — a day made for celebrating those beards that are kept on faces throughout the world 365 days a year!

World Beard Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in September, which means this year, it will fall on September 5th. That means you have two weeks from tomorrow to plan how you’ll celebrate this international festival of facial fuzz. Be sure to pick up some beard care products from our online store so that your chin curtain can look its very best.

Ways to Commemorate World Beard Day

There are many things you can do to commemorate World Beard Day. You can host a gathering of your bearded friends (while maintaining social distancing and being safe, of course) or have a video call with your hirsute amigos around the world. Unfortunately, the all-bearded human pyramid, which is a tradition of World Beard Day, might not be an option this year.

Beard Length Contest

If you’re getting together with a couple of bearded companions, or chatting over a video call, why not see whose beard has grown the most over the past few months? Grab a tape measure and see just how far those whiskers have come since the beginning of the year. If you and your friends all started growing your beards around the same time, this can be a good way to see which beard has really taken off and which one might need a little extra TLC.

Beard Barbecue

No, we’re not suggesting you burn beard hair on a grill — that would be a terrible thing to do on World Beard Day (not to mention quite unappetizing). An occasion such as this can be the perfect time to grab some steaks, burgers, brats, and any other grilling meats you can find and fire up the ol’ barbecue — just be careful not to actually singe your beard hair. You can have a few friends over and hang out in the backyard while you enjoy tasty food, cold beer, and plenty of beard-related conversation.

Buy Some New Beard Products

If getting together with your bearded compatriots isn’t an option this year, or you can only manage a short video call, why not show your beard itself some love on this international day of celebration? At Beard Octane, there’s nothing we love more than helping people find the perfect beard oil, beard balm, and other products that let them care for their whiskers every single day. If you’ve been having trouble getting your beard to look its very best, we can recommend the right options based on the length of your beard, what you’re hoping to accomplish with your bearded look, and how long you plan on keeping your beard (just kidding, we know you’d never shave it off).

As you celebrate World Beard Day this year, remember that there are beards all around the globe commemorating the day with you. Visit their Facebook page to learn more!

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