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Famous Beards Throughout History - Part 2-Beard Octane

Famous Beards Throughout History - Part 2

In our last blog post, we looked at some famous beards throughout history, and hopefully the post inspired you to care for your chin curtain in new ways. With so many famous beards across the centuries, we figured we’d cover a few more in today’s post. If, after you read this, you realize that you could use some new beard grooming tools, such as an ox horn comb or an oval beard brush, Beard Octane is here to help. Now, let’s look at some historic beards!

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist, journalist, and short-story writer who lived from 1899 to 1961. His most famous works include The Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls, and many of his writings are considered classics of modern American literature. Hemingway was also an avid sportsman and adventurer, living for a time in both Africa and Cuba. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, and while he didn’t always have a beard, he definitely maintained a great-looking set of whiskers in the latter years of his life.

Genghis Khan

While there’s no photographic evidence of him having a beard, since he lived during the late 12th and early 13th centuries, Genghis Khan is consistently depicted with a long, impressive chin curtain. After uniting the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia, Genghis Khan ruled a massive empire until his death in 1227. While it can’t be confirmed, we can believe that Genghis would’ve taken great care of his beard and combed it thoroughly before riding into battle.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, and socialist revolutionary who lived from 1818 to 1883. His work with Frederich Engels (another man with an impressive beard) led to the creation of Marxist theory and The Communist Manifesto, which was first published in 1848. While his philosophical ideas and theories are still debated around the world today, what can’t be debated is the fact that he controlled the means of production behind a truly historic beard.

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