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Beard Octane Review Requests

Quite often, believe it or not, Beard Octane gets contacted and asked to send products to individuals in order to have a "review" completed.  We are truly honored and humbled that someone would even consider asking to try our products!  However, realistically we can not fulfill all of these requests.  Simply because we hand-make all of our products and have to account for materials and manpower hours.  Therefore, certain criteria has been put into place to satisfy both sides.  Please review the requirements below:

  • YouTube - Must have at least 2500 Subscribers
  • Instagram - Must have at least 2500 followers
  • Blog & Copy Writers - Must have at least 6 months worth of beard case related content
  • Must exhibit positive qualities and be a positive representative of the Bearded Community
  • All requests will be considered and reviewed on a case by case basis

We would just like to thank you for even considering Beard Octane when requesting to create a product review.  Trust us, this company from the bottom and we put the hours in every single day & night.  Success does not happen night, but is the direct result of your hard work and efforts.  So if you do not meet the above listed criteria, or your request is not approved, PLEASE do not get discouraged.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests, on a case by case basis.