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The Key To Thicker, Fuller Beard Growth-Beard Octane

The Key To Thicker, Fuller Beard Growth

Many men get frustrated when their beard doesn't immediately appear to be growing thick and full, or growing in exactly the way they expected. However, it can actually take several months for most men to fully see their beard growth filling out, and almost as long to learn more about how thick and full their own personal beard growth potential can be. 

Let's face it-- everybody seems to know a guy who shaves one day and appears to wake up the next with the biggest, thickest beard ever grown.  Seeing that thick, healthy beard almost appear overnight can be frustrating if you've been struggling with your own beard growth.

However, don't get down about it Not every man grows a beard in the same timeframes, or in the same growth pattern. There are also key steps you can take that will increase your own chances of growing the thickest, fullest beard possible.

About Beard Growth - Your Beard's Biology

Maybe your beard started growing in when you were a teen, or maybe not until your 30s.  For some men, the age at which they first get facial hair isn't until after age 35! Like it or not, your beard growth is mostly determined by your personal beard biology.

Your beard genetics actually guide not only the timing of when you start to grow facial hair, but the thickness of your beard's pattern, the color of your beard, the texture of your beard hairs, and even exactly where on your face your beard will grow.

It's important to know that at the basic level, you cannot fight your beard growth biology!   However, you can give nature a boost along the way.

Boosting Your Beard's Natural Growth Potential

Beards, like just about any living thing, grow the best under healthy conditions. Stress, poor nutrition, restless sleep, and living a sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your beard.  At the basic level, the more healthy you are overall, the better your beard will grow! Remember, living a healthy life will result in a healthy beard.

Your hormones also influence whether your beard grows in nice and thick, or a bit scraggly and patchy. Testosterone is converted to a powerful hormone called DHT. Men with naturally higher levels of DHT will naturally grow thicker beards. Increasing testosterone levels naturally is possible! Eating a better diet, weight lifting, and taking vitamin supplements are an effective way to promote thicker beard growth. 

We recommend men use a combination of Collagen protein supplement and a Biotin vitamin blend to help boost their natural beard potential, for the fullest, thickest beard growth possible.

What Do Collagen & Biotin Do For Beard Growth

Collagen For Beard Health

At a technical level, your beard hair is made of an important protein, Keratin, which is a mixture of a couple different amino acids naturally present in your body.  Collagen actually contains the key amino acid building blocks that help develop new hair follicles

As a result, you want to supplement with Collagen, because once you start getting into your mid-20s and beyond, your body doesn't make collagen like it used to. Eventually, by your mid-40s and 50s, it will give up and stop making it at all. This lack of collagen is what leads to sagging skin, more wrinkles, and brittle hair-- which includes your beard.

Biotin For Beard Growth

Biotin, aka vitamin B7, increases the rate at which hair grows, which helps make hair and beards grow faster! Some studies have found men who have a hard time growing beards, tend to have a biotin deficiency.

Once your vitamin B levels are replenished, hair can start growing rapidly. This means that if you feel like your beard could look a little fuller, all it may take is taking a Biotin supplement every day.

Taking Care Of Your Beard For Better Growth

It may seem obvious at first, but growing a thick, full beard requires a bit more than just the 'growing' part of it. Maintaining your beard through proper beard care is what makes it as healthy as it can be. Remember - Putting in a bit of work to properly care for your beard will pay off in the end!!

Beard Oil Is Not Negotiable

You can grow the thickest, fullest beard on the planet, but if your beard and face are dry and itchy, you'll be miserable! Beard oil penetrates your beard hair in order to help smooth and nourish beard follicles, as well as keeping your face from drying out and itching. Besides, beard oil comes in amazing scents, and you can find everything from smooth, calming vanilla scents, all the way to manly colognes. 

Don't Forget To Wash Your Beard

Don't you dare wash your beard with regular bar soap!  Clean, soften and condition your beard with a beard wash that is handcrafted and formulated perfectly for the PH and texture of a beard. A daily wash is all it takes for a clean, fresh smelling beard.  Regular soap bars should be used a maximum of once a week for stripping out any product buildup you may notice in your beard, but for the most part, stick to using them on your body!

Condition Your Beard

What is the secret to warding off discomfort, helping combat dryness and preventing you from suddenly shaving off your beard? Using a beard conditioner! Dry, scratchy beards are unbearably uncomfortable, and will not end up giving you the fullest, thickest beard you want to grow.  A top beard conditioner moisturizes beard follicles as well as the skin underneath.  You can also using a nightly beard butter to help soften, and lightly style your beard during the day.  

Brush Your Beard Better

Use a high quality beard brush to prevent your beard from forming tangles, and to help stimulate the hair follicles for thicker beard growth. Brushing also helps to train your beard growth direction and also evenly distributes beard oil through your follicles. 

Trim & Shape Your Beard For Even Growth

Beard hair does not grow evenly, and at the same rate. A healthy, good looking beard requires occasional trimming and shaping. Invest in a high quality trimmer with various attachments, a good pair of trimming scissors, and trim/shape your beard as needed.  Just don't go overboard!  Less is more.  Trim some and then evaluate your beard the next day and determine if you need to shape any more.

Better Beard Growth Requires Time

Growing a fuller, thicker beard takes discipline and a commitment to better health, lower stress, and better beard care. Committing to your best possible beard growth takes time, patience and regular care.  Remember, a healthier you means having a healthier beard.

Want to know more about growing your fullest, thickest beard possible?  Our team of Beard Technicians is here for you-- Contact us with any questions you may have.

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